2018 is starting hard!



Dear Weavers,

It has been a while since we posted on the forum, so much has happened lately. I will come to that later, first, I would like to wish you a happy new year 2018 ! Since we posted on forum (end of September 2017) we were really busy.

Now a startup

Weaverize is now officially a startup company and a legal entity. We now have our own office. It feels great to see the project finally take life and grow.

Weaverize team

We now a team of 6, 3 permanent members and 3 non-permanent. We hired @Thib who is our video-editor he creates all our video content and promotes Weaverize through fun videos in French posted on our Youtube channels. We also hired @Robin who is our frontend developer. The non-permanent members are @Marine and @Marinemer in charge of specific communication events. At last but not least, @Aurel is our designer, she’s the one who created Weaverize’s logo and the application’s design. We should be recruiting new members soon to accelerate the app’s development and improve our communication.

New app versions

We released a new versions of Weaverize on the stores. One of the update we made (in December) deleted the user accounts, it was unfortunately necessary. If you had a account before December, I invite you to create your account again on the app and see the progress we made. If you can, try the Android version, it updated more frequently than the iOS one.

New website for Pro

As our startup needs fuel (money) to finance the app development we started proposing our unique set of skills as services to other companies. We created a website dedicated to this purpose: http://pro.weaverize.com

CES 2018

We were present at the CES 2018 in Las Vegas, you can find a video the sums our trip there on our youtube channel: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=fGITBkrX7tM It was a great adventure, we meet lots of interesting people there. Las Vegas is a very impressive place, though I didn’t have the time to visit much.

Norbert Segard contest winnner

Three days after coming back from Las Vegas, I was presenting Weaverize in front of the jury of the Norbert Segard contest. It a national French contest that rewards innovative projects and startups lead by engineer or doctors. I’m proud to announce that we won the contest ! This victory will help make Weaverize known (at least in France).

Forum spam issue

As you might have noticed, we had some spam issue on the forum. I think I mitigated the issue, maybe too strongly at first (it was impossible to register on the forum). Now you can register again. I have turned email digest back on.

What coming up ?

Now for the best part: what is coming up ? Right now we are working on the desktop version of Weaverize and the internationalization of the application. It should be available in English and should be available in the USA on the Play Store and App Store. The next feature will be adding is the sound editing, it’s been the most frequent feature requested by you. Here is a basic roadmap on the features and their order:

  1. Desktop version
  • Internationalization (i18n)
  • Youtube exports
  • Transitions (fade in, fade out, cross fade…)
  • Sound and music
  • Graphics (text and image)
  • HD exports
  • Facebook exports

Those are the features that we hope to release soon (in a few months). If you have suggestion or specific needs, please feel free to ask us (preferably on the forum).

Blog removal

We should be deleting the blog soon. We don’t have the time to update it and we don’t think its a good way of communication we you. We prefer to create videos and post them on Youtube or Facebook. The forum seems to be a good way to reach you too. I just hoped people would post more publicly and use private message less :stuck_out_tongue:

That’s it folks !

I think that it for now, in a few months a lot as happened, now we should be able to cope with the load and keep in touch more frequently.

Have a nice year ! We hope to see you on Weaverize :wink: