Starting the Alpha



Good news everyone ! We’re starting the alpha version of our video editing tool. It this first version of our tool you’ll be able to edit videos together at the same time. The goal here is to have your feedbacks on every aspect, in particular the collaborative editing. We’ll also be testing the load on our servers.


No effort has been made on the design and ergonomic yet, the interface might be far from intuitive to most. No effort has been made toward compatibility, you’ll have to use Chrome (or Chromium) on a desktop (the interface doesn’t support touch nor responsiveness). The access to the editor is limited, this allows us to ensure a progressive server load. The code and the servers’ configuration has not been optimized. And at last, the persistance of the global editing project is not guarantee, if the server crashes it will probably be lost.

In other words, be benevolent, it’s the first draft and there is a lot of margin for progress :wink:

Access to Alpha

To access the Alpha you will need the “Alpha Tester” badge on the forum. We will grant this virtual badge manually.
Then, equipped with this badge you can go edit videos on:

Available features

For this alpha we propose a limited amount of tools, here is the list accompanied by explanations:

  • Add video to the timeline: drag and drop videos from the collection into the timeline. There is a selection of no less than 15 videos !
  • Edit a video (the magnifying glass): concentrate on a video to edit it
  • Go back to the timeline (left-oriented arrow): brings you back (it’s the opposite of the magnifying glass)
  • Cut videos (the scissors): change start and end time of a video. You can change them by sliding their borders (drap and drop)
  • Delete a video (trash can): deletes a video
  • Group videos (the screen): creates a group of videos, this allows to add more than one video into the timeline. A group is considered like a video, it can also be edited. Groups are outlined by a blue border.
  • A very basic chat is available to interact with the other editors

Let’s go !

Ask for your “Alpha Tester” badge by replying to this topic. Don’t hesitate to give your feedbacks, also in this topic.


hi i want become alpha tester, thakn lot of


You are now an Alpha Tester ! Welcome aboard :wink:



I’m volunteer as alpha tester also




Hey Amaury,

We’re actually in closed beta now: Lancement de la Beta fermée Android


Comme on ce retrouve !
Pour le moment moi j’ai vite fait des retour a faire pour les développeurs.
Mais je vais avancer correctement et pondre un article complet ce sera plus fonctionnel.


J’ai hâte de lire cela :wink:

Par contre, c’est le fil de discussion de l’Alpha qui est terminée. On est passé à la bêta, je vous invite donc à me donner les retours dans ces discussions.

Je vais fermer celle-ci.