The Alpha is coming very soon



The launch of Weaverize’s Alpha has never been closer !

As you may know, our Alpha will be a simplified version of our collaborative online video editing service. This version will be a “sandbox” at first in which they will be a single video editing project where everyone can contribute. In this version you’ll be able to pick videos that you can cut and merge to your liking, you’ll be collaborating live with all the other users.

But before we can launch this Alpha version, here is the list of things that we have to do:

  • fix the part that gives access to the graphical elements of video editing (thumbnails, previews…)
  • update graphic interface
  • find creative commons video to put in the sandbox for you to play with :wink:
  • use the forum’s login system in the editing service
  • add a chat so you’ll be able to communicate with the others users live

Depending on your feedbacks, we’ll be continuously adding new functionalities, better design and UX during the Alpha.

As you can see, we’re almost there. We’ll be keeping this list up to date as we progress !

Meanwhile, if you have a collection of creative commons video to share, we’ll be glad to add it to the sandbox :wink:


Good news everyone,

We just finished coding a chat to go along the editing tool. We just have to integrate the chat to the UI. The chat also work in standalone: Please be aware that it is very crude so far. We left a lot of margin of progress :wink:

If everything continue that well, we should be able to launch the Alpha by the end of the week. We still haven’t collect the creative commons video hence the delay.

Be ready to edit videos together :slight_smile:


The chat is now integrated into the editing tool. We launched everything on our servers, everything started and ran correctly. I didn’t think it would go that well :blush:

About the creative commons video, we found a huge collection that seems good for a video editing tool. At first they will be only a small dozen video (on almost 3000 :smiley:) that will be hard coded into the tool. We’ll need to develop a service to handle video upload, another for the metadata and a little interface to use them. This will be coded during the Alpha, according to your feedbacks.