Where are we at with Weaverize?


Dear weavers,

As you may have noticed, nothing noticeable has happened recently on the forum or on the editing tool. This is due to the fact that a lot has happened on our side. We went through a period of doubt about our commercial strategy. Things our now clear and we can move forward.

Thanks to your feedbacks, we have been able to improve the backend of the editing tool. The current feedbacks are concerning the fact that the user interface sucks. We are working on that now. We are trying to figure out how to place the elements, make the user interactions and present the overall thing to be true to our promise of simple video edition.

Our objective is to finish to mockup this current month (october) and to start integrating it next month. The Alpha Testers will be able to see the interface evolve very soon. On this matter, we’ll soon launch a feedback campaign to the Alpha Testers to make sure we are going the right way.

Meanwhile, we have to creative proposal now, a light and a dark theme:

Dark theme

Light theme

Without taking into account the content but only the appearance, do you prefer:

  • the light theme
  • the dark theme
  • neither
  • both

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We’ll soon be launching a new version of our website and of our blog. We are eager to have your feedbacks on that too :wink: