Progress Report?



I’m sorry if I seem impatient since I asked about a month ago and I don’t want to rush you or anything. If you need more time, take the time, but I just want to ask about any updates that has happened in the past month as well as anything planned for the future. | Je suis désolé si je semble impatient depuis que j’ai demandé il y a environ un mois et je ne veux pas vous presser ou quoi que ce soit. Si vous avez besoin de plus de temps, prenez le temps, mais je veux juste poser des questions sur les mises à jour qui ont eu lieu au cours du dernier mois ainsi que tout ce qui est prévu pour le futur.


Hey @AwesumIndustrys,

Thank you for your eagerness, we’re about (tomorrow or the day after) to make a new release on both stores. I’m not sure it’ll be available world-wide but I’ll add you as promise to TestFlight :wink: See you soon !


Awesome! Thanks. I’m super excited (unsurprisingly).



We made the Android release today but we couldn’t do the iOS. We should be able to fix that on monday if all goes well. Taking into account the Apple 2 days delay, the app might be available on iOS around next Thursday. Sorry for the delay…

Have a nice weekend :wink:


Okay. I understand. Thanks for the heads up.


The new version of Weaverize should be out in the USA (but still in french). @AwesumIndustrys can you check if you see it on your device ?


Yep! I downloaded it.