Where exactly do I begin editing videos?


I clicked “weaverize me” and it brought me to the forum…
Where can I access the software?


Hey @Orchface,

Weaverize is a web app or a mobile application (available only on Android for now). We’re in closed beta for now so I added you to it. You can get Weaverize on Play Store following this link: http://play.google.com/store/apps/dev?id=7608520184836503943 (I used the email you registered with, it might take some time to appear in your store).

We will soon release a new version called Beta2 (we plan on releasing 5 of those) until septembre.


The Play Store link might be this one: https://play.google.com/apps/testing/com.weaverize.mobile


Thanks! I will try out your beta software


No, thank you ! :wink:
If you have any feedback please share them.

Beta 1 has only a single sandbox project for everyone to play with. Beta 2 will allow each user to create their own projects.


How do I use the web app?


Hello @jimmybond007,

The webapp is broken right now, we’ll release a fixed version along with the beta 2 version of our app. It should be out in a few weeks :wink:


Would I be able to try out the Android app beta then?


Hey @jimmybond007,

I added your email address to the list of beta tester for the app on the Play Store. You should find it on it soon, you might have to follow this link if it still doesn’t work after a while: http://play.google.com/store/apps/dev?id=7608520184836503943

The app uses the same account as the forum. I encourage you to set a profile picture.

Please give us feedbacks of what you think of the app. Anything can be useful as we’re still developing it.


Thank you very much!


If I go to that link, there’s no option to install.


You have to click on Weaverize then you’ll be on the app’s page, the link I provided seems to be our developer’s page :wink:

Here is the screen of where to click, the rest should be pretty straightforward:


I don’t see an app page, just a developer page with nothing to click on


That’s frustrating… Did you register on the forum using the same email than the one you use for the Play Store of your device ?


Yes. Well it’s not my main Google account, but I signed ​into Google play with the email I registered with.


Hello Jimmy,

Can you follow this link please: https://play.google.com/apps/testing/com.weaverize.mobile
Sorry for the hickups, we’re still figuring out how the Play Store works :confused:


That link worked to become a tester, but when I click the download link, it says not available in your country…


Hello Jimmy,

Thank you for your feedback, we will try to find where this restriction is set and lift it :wink: The Play Store just got updated, we have to figure out again where everything is located :confused:


Ok. Thank you for your help :slight_smile:


Hello Jimmy,

The Beta was configured for France only, I unlocked it for the whole world. You should be able to use it now (or at least very soon) :wink:
Keep in mind that this is only our first beta, the next one should be out in a few weeks (along with the web app).