Where exactly do I begin editing videos?


Thank you!!! :smiley:


Is this the right place to upload a video to get comments, feedback and tips on improving my editing?


Hello @ccrespo,

Sorry, I didn’t see your message before. The team is busy with the release of the next version of our application (it hasn’t been easy…).

Anyway, you sure can propose a video and we’ll try to give you constructive feedbacks :wink:


Hello, Any plan to have a way to upload my videos from a PC ? Also , will you support 360° video editing ? I am thinking of Cropping inside a 360 4K video to extract a portion of the 360 video to be edited.If so , do you support 4K / 4K HEVC ? thanks


Hello @jporravan,

You’ll be able to upload your own video in the coming version of Weaverize. We’ve submitted a version on Apple Store two days ago, we have some minor changes to make. Hopefully, it could be available next monday on Apple Store (for free). We’ll also release the updated version on the Play Store. It will be a public release that all can enjoy !

Has for the 360° video, we have no plan to support it in the short term. It will only be considered if many users request this feature.

We did a test a while ago with a 4K x264 video encoded in AVC, if I recall correctly it worked fine. Also using x265. I think we even support ProRes :wink: But we haven’t made thorough test of those formats.


I would ask if I could use it, but I’m unable to download anything right now. Is there any other way to use it?


@VampDemigod the web version is under development for now. When you say that you are unable to download do you mean the app or the video you created with it ? On which plateform ?


Computer problem. I just can’t download new software. It’s not you guys, its my computer


The good news is that you won’t have to download anything once the web application comes out. As of now, you can use the beta version on Android and iOS for free. Do bear in mind that it’s still work in progress :wink: